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Our service is built to provide unbiased solar power information and to speed up the growth of the solar energy market. We tell the owners of single-family homes and other properties how many solar panels they should buy and where they should place them.

Can you provide them with the panels they need? Let’s start a partnership and move towards a sunnier future together.

CEO, Founder

Antti Rousi

  • MSc in Community Energy Technologies
  • Energy algorithm specialist
  • 5 years of energy analysis and planning experience
  • 3 years of B2B sales experience
  • 15 years of customer service experience
  • Tel. +358(0)50 5939 555

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Do you sell panels?

Our service has thousands of users interested in buying solar panels. Why not unite supply with demand and fill the world with solar panels together? You can target your message to owners of suitable properties or entire areas with suitable properties.


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Sun Energia Oy
+358 40 7766578

Open Innovation House
Otaniementie 19
FI-02150 Espoo

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