Every detail accounted for

Our knowledge of your roof and its surroundings is based on huge amounts of laser-scanned 3D terrain data. We know your roof thoroughly – from its slope to the exact amount of sunlight and shade it receives on any given hour of the year. You can use this knowledge to build the optimal solar power solution to save energy, money, and the environment.

Cut down on energy bills with free power

The sun has enough energy for everyone – a resource you shouldn’t overlook. You don’t need to live in a sunny climate to take advantage of its power. Even one solar panel will benefit the environment and save you money.

Our service will help you get the right amount of panels to make sure you’ll produce the energy you need without creating excess, which will go to waste as it cannot be stored. We will show you your solar production potential, optimal panel placement, estimated investment, time required to recoup the costs, and savings potential.

How are the results calculated?

Our service takes advantage of laser-scanned 3D topography data in a new way. Our tool calculates the amount of solar radiation your roof will receive on every hour of the year and tells you your individual solar power production potential. After doing the test you will immediately know how much solar power your roof could generate. It’s a simple, thorough, and objective method that makes it easy to start using solar power!

You can make the calculations even more precise by entering additional information about your building. We will take into account roof shape and direction, as well as chimneys, surrounding trees, and so on. We also use local weather information for every property.

Test results

Our test will measure and analyse what will pay off and what won’t.
Here are some possible results:

Too many panels

Excess production from oversized set-ups cannot be stored and will go to waste, resulting in a loss on your investment.

Too few panels

When the system is too small, you can consume all the energy you produce, but you won’t be taking full advantage of potential savings or environmental benefits.

The right amount of panels

An optimal solar panel set-up allows you to consume almost all of your energy production, with only small amounts going to waste.

Test how much sun your roof gets

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Our service has thousands of users interested in buying solar panels. Why not unite supply with demand and fill the world with solar panels together? You can target your message to owners of suitable properties or entire areas with suitable properties.


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